Monday, 12 March 2012

Pak success...

Well I have packed up the test data that I wanted to see if I could extract it again and it works. I have managed to locate the files inside the pak file and extract them to a bank so they can be passed to Blitz for whatever we want to be done with them. Its my hope that you can load the sound/image/whatever from a bank so that I can bypass everything in between :).

If not I will sort something to make it work as required :D

After the next tests I want to get everything pak'ed and then move to getting furniture into the game engine so we can search things :)

EDIT:Early tests on the whole system are very promising, they have all worked 100%. On the Leviathan front I am VERY please to say that the game even works perfectly on my netbook and at 30fps :D. On the pak front the system we have in place will allow us to expand our games into more areas it will also allow us to offer DLC if we wanted without having to rewrite the game every time. A BIG bonus of the entire system is I wont have to release a new complete game for every patch I can just release the executable and this would replace the old one :).

More soon...

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