Sunday, 11 March 2012

PAKing up and moving on...

No dont get us wrong were not closing down and moving to pastures new...

PAKing up simple means I am writing a series of routines and systems that will allow us to protect our assets, if all goes well I will be able to pack everything up then load data from the pak file. The basic thing should allow us to protect, data, images, sounds, models and textures (basically images loaded as textures ;) ).

After this I will be adding in the extra stuff for things like the XBox 360 joypad so this will finally be usable in the game engine, once again this will be a 'reusable' piece of code so I dont have to continually reinvent the wheel for our games.

One good thing is when coding is MAKE EVERYTHING MODULAR no im not shouting but asserting that if you dont make it modular so that you can just 'include' the module in your code then you will be doomed to recode sections for every game you ever make.

More soon...

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