Friday, 4 December 2009

Coding is fun...

Well I have been completely changing the main menu system for the iSmashem game the old system used LOADS of UIImageViews that werent changed or released and just sat there behind the scenes. In contrast the new system creates the menu you are on and only that, when you select another option the old menu is released and what you selected is created for use. Its hoped that this way of coding will mean the game uses the absolute minimum resources that the iPhone/iPod has to offer so the game can run for longer.

On a coding front its a very challenging platform to code for but ultimately very rewarding, you get a nice warm feeling seeing your creations whizzing about on the small iPod screen and being able to play the game against the computer opponents is a joy :).

Well im off to recode the back button now that will finish off the Credits and Hi Score screens, after that is a complete rip out of the options screen then the main menu will be totally code.....

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