Sunday, 10 January 2010

The game just got harder...

I have finally got round to adding the match system into the game so the player can play till a certain match count, this is best of three, five, seven or nine :). Once the player reaches that level of matches then they move forward to the next level. All the graphics for the points and Best of ... are done I just need to add the match indicator to the game system so the player can see how many match points are left :).

The other thing I have sorted finally is the difficulty system, before they player still only scored ten points per win this is now multiplied by the difficulty so the higher the difficulty the bigger the score :).

The game is on the very last furlong now and it will be code complete soon, after that I will do some MAJOR testing and then it should be ready :). The final things are the last two characters, match point indicator and ending sequence after that it will be Beta :).

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