Saturday, 9 January 2010

Reporting for duty sir :)

Well the whole game is coming together SO nicely now I have the character information screen placeholders in the game and its looking COOL, they are on the screen for a short while then they fade into the game arena your playing in. On the whole the game is coming together amazingly well.

Yesterday I got sluggoid's spit working PERFECTLY as I wanted and it looks amazingly nice it slurps down the screen and moves off the bottom real good :). No i didnt have real spit or slime to test the effect its just a visual effect but its coming together and completes another character in the game.

I agree with Emm the game is in its final stages now so it will be moving real nicely towards the final gate :). We have penciled in a release date for the game that we are beavering away at achieving so that everyone can enjoy the game :).

Next up finalising DaBrain with his force field :)

Well I have now added DaBrain's force field and tied up some more loose ends, the force field itself appears over DaBrain's side of the playfield and stops the puck from leaving that side of it, this works fine and does look really nice :). I had some niggly errors with it but I fixed those. I have also located and fixed a small error that caused the opponent image to drop four pixels when the game starts this has also been fixed now so it looks more professional, its these simple fixes and tweaks that make any game more professional and not a half done mess. How many of use look at a game and see a bug that destroys the illusion that we are playing a game and not in a game world.

On the whole its been a very productive day and loads has been done and completed, tomorrow I want to get Aetherios's effect done to complete that character :). Im working through the characters one by one completeing each one before moving onto the next and four are out of the way now and that leaves two to do. On the placeholder character information screen front I have added a click to remove option so the player can click on the ipod/iphone to remove the screen if they have already read that bit of information and dont want to again this also makes the game look more 'professional' :).

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