Thursday, 7 January 2010

Not much to report today :)

Well I have been redesigning Insectoid's cheat effect from something that looked like someone spilt a load of jelly beans in a whirlpool to something more dark and sinister that fits more with the level of the game. I have also adjusted its cheat effect timer as it was way to long at 250 this is now shortened to 50 which is fine on the device.

For everyone thinking of writing a iphone game the best thing you could ever do is get a ipod touch or iphone as the simulator on any mac will run way faster than the device you intend the game to run on. I came a cropper with this myself with a game that worked perfectly in the simulator but died on the device as the mac has 1 gigabyte of ram but the ipod only has 128Mb or 256Mb on the third generation. I have learned the lesson here and all the new games will be tested on the device at every step of the way.

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