Saturday, 27 March 2010

Lists ( part 2 )...

Well the test system for the Lists are working fine all im going to do now is add it to the Tombstone engine so that the engine will use the smallest amount of memory possible. Memory is a rare commodity even on systems like windows, after all not all computers are 4Gb ram, quad core systems. I have a 1.5Ghz (via processor) laptop with windows XP, intel integrated crapola Inc graphics, and 256Mb ram it does run OpenGL 1.1 but only in particular ways. It does ALWAYS run DevC++ GL tests perfectly si this is a good sign and if it can run that and Tombstone then I have it as a minimum Windows test bed.

Well things are going really nice I have added the list system to the game engine so now all I have to do is adjust the whole engine system to use the new list functions then we will be away :)

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