Saturday, 1 May 2010

Finally onto the world of 3d....

Well now I have a text system that can display text at any of the 360 possible angles and with any bitmapped font imaginable I am moving onto the weird wild world of 3d. I am going to start with simple position and rotation then loading of b3d (Blitz3d) models and animated models, once that is complete I will work on lighting, texturing and other model formats like (3ds, .x and lwo ) this will give us a good start to get everything going and then we can do anything with the engine.

The thing is 3d is waaay different than 2d that one extra coordinate (z) throws LOADS of extra things into the works like movements, perspectives etc all of these have to be taken into account and once I get everything in place I can get the whole system complete.

More soon...

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