Sunday, 23 May 2010

Quads are everywhere :)

Well I now have CreateQuad in there (this is textured at creation time) and its looking amazing, I can rotate it anywhere also move it around. What I want to code next is colour, scaling, triangle flipping and retexturing once all this is complete I will move onto creating cubes, spheres and cones :).

After all this its onto model land and the creation of models and lights :).

EDIT: Well after much hulabaloo im looking at internal lists for each entity in the game this should make it faster and more dynamic (also as new seems to have problems in classes but that could be just me), what im planning is to allow as many vertices or triangles as OpenGL is capable of which will make the entire engine more perfect for everyday tasks :). Once this is all in I should be able to whack up some piccies for you all to look at :).

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