Saturday, 8 January 2011

OpenGL is sooooo cool...

Well I have fixed a MAJOR bug in Tombstone where the renderer only used the first entry in anything so everything in the game was on the ONE entry, I have created a command called 'CreateEntity' this sets the entity up to receive all the commands to create stuff in the engine. On the entry front the new system now moves the number up the ratio allowing us to have upto four billion entities in the game (that would be one hell of a super computer for that ;) ). I have also recoded a little section of the updateWorld command to reset the position matrix every render of the entity this will allow us to have entities where WE want them.

Now that section is complete I will add other sections like CreateCube etc, these will all be internal commands and not GLUT related so as to make it so we dont have to much to convert once version one is out.

On the game front its getting there really nicely and is starting to look amazing, I want to get the demo scene going in the background of the main menu to make that complete. I still have some other bits to do and once they are done we can move forwards with the whole game making everything complete will make this an amazing game.

More soon...

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