Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A world without limits...

This is the shot before I optimised it

And this is how it looks now after some optimisation

Here you can see an early build of our mission selector for JJ, I know there are loads of loverly high detail planets out there that I could have used with a 3d engine etc to get the same effect but this one is 100% 2d there is only some calls to BlitzMax's max2d module and thats it. On the whole I like it as it reminds me of Starflight where you orbit a planet and its shown in a little window in the top left for you to select somewhere to land I will use this function again when required so i can make the game so I can create a Starflight style game called Star Rogue.

The texture map is 128x128 I am currently looking to see if I can get 256x256 in there next and if I can then it will be brilliant but not 100% required.

On the image you can see the white dots these are mission markers that when on the map will allow the player to select missions for that location by clicking the markers, at the bottom there is the white bar this is a placeholder for rotating the planet in a desired direction so you can see if there is a mission available :)

JJ will be something special :)

EDIT: Well I have been doing some optimisations and the whole thing now runs at sixty frames per second which is brilliant, I tried the 256x256 map and it drops to seventeen so I will need to do some serious optimisations there to get that to speed. As I have been progressing through the system I have made the system now use the pixel maps parameters rather than my internal variables this basically means that I just have to pass the texture to the planet function that creates it like the shot above and it will create it for me without me having to play with the variables. Its all these small optimisations that will make the render faster and faster till the whole system is running lightning fast and we can create anything we wanted :)

EDIT2: Whilst optimising the system via a array lookup table which is a fancy name for a large block of computer memory where I can shove values I want to keep for later use, I have managed to get another eight frames per second out of the old machine, ideally I would like to get it to sixty with a 256x256 texture map but beggars cant be choosers and if I can get it above thirty it will be good enough for the engine as it stands as its only for mission selection :).

More soon...

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