Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Level Design

After dabbling in Photoshop, I decided for exchange reasons to use OpenOffice Draw for the basic layout of our levels.
Tip for Mac users: when trying to drag-copy and paste an item in OO Draw, use the "Alt" key, not "ctrl" to drag-copy an item :)

I am working from rough to detailed, thus laying out a rough concept of the structure, exchanging it with Ed and adding illustrations where possible and required, then moving on to flesh out the details.

At this point its interesting to add story "locations" and events to the layout, so the game flow can be demonstrated.
Its equally important to make as many annotations as possible, so the team can work from that instead of guessing.


Ed: Well I am working on making the atlas packer faster now, this will be for the tile reservoirs and allow us to make as best use as possible for all our tiles. I will be increasing the tile reservoirs tile areas to 1024  by 1024 for this purpose. On the while the system will now work quicker and more efficiently with the new packing system over the old one once I get it to my satisfaction I will be sending Emm a new build with the new file systems and tile systems.

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